Biography of Shawn Howell Wayans

Biography of Shawn Howell Wayans

Shawn Howell Wayans

Shawn Howell Wayans is a 19-year-old American n celebrity kid. Like every other kid, he enjoys the perks of being a star kid. Since his birth, receiving media and public attention became a norm for him. Shawn got accustomed to early fame due to his father being a huge part of the showbiz world. Marlon Wayans, recognised as one of the most brilliant actors and comedians in Hollywood, is the father of Shawn Howell Wayans.

There is this innate curiosity around celebs, not to mention especially towards their personal lives and kids. Therefore Shawn Howell Wayans had always been under the public radar. There are eyes on him everywhere, and almost every time he goes outside. Yet the glamour of living a celebrity kid life is often compensated for losing a particular extent of privacy and growing up ‘normal’.

Shawn’s Family 

Shawn Howell Wayans was born on 3rd February 2002 in Los Angeles, California. He gained a great deal of adoration even when he was a kid, as his father tended to post their pictures on his social media quite often. Shawn’s father, Marlon Wayans, rose to fame during the 90s. His best and notable works include ‘White Chicks’ and ‘Scary Movie’. However, the sitcom’ The Wayans Bros’ led to his breakthrough. Angelica Zachary is Shawn’s mother, who is no longer with his father,- Marlon Wayans. The couple called it quits in 2013; however, still maintaining a healthy family relationship. He also has an elder sister, Amai Zachary Wayans, who is quite outspoken and advocates for important issues on her social media, such as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and other LGBTQ movements. She has already graduated and is currently pursuing a college degree at the University of Southern California.

Racial Background 

Shawn Howell Wayans has a mixed racial background. He inherited his mom’s half-American and half-Japanese background. At the same time, his father contributes to his African-American side only.


Shawn Howell Wayans is a fresh graduate from ‘The Buckley School’ high school. A year ago, he graduated with competent grades and enrolled at Loyola Marymount University. As of this year- 2021, his journey as an undergraduate began.

The story behind the name of Shawn Howell Wayans

This young celeb’s first name, ‘Shawn,’ was kept as a tribute to his uncle, who used to go by the same name. ‘Shawn’ is a different form of the word/name ‘Sean’ Irish language. In Irish form, it translates to be ‘God is gracious.’ Furthermore, Shawn was given his middle name ‘Howell’ in the loving memory of his grandfather. Howell is a Welsh masculine which means ’eminent’.

Talent and Skills

Other than his father’s fame, it was mostly Shawn’s tremendous skills in basketball that made him famous. Yet, it was not so surprising, given that sports ran in his blood. Which is, Shawn’s father used to be excellent at basketball, too, most probably where Shawn picked his outstanding skills. Nevertheless, talent alone can not take all the credit as Shawn Howell is dedicated to his passion. During his high school years, he dominated the school basketball team quite often. Howell even played in several tournaments and brought home some trophies while at it. However, it was way earlier, almost when Shawn used to be a child, that he started playing basketball. Soon, Howell grew a palpable bond with the sport and started tending to all the skills. The more his passion for basketball flourished, so did his excellence at it. A video where he tackles and plays the ball, with exuberant skill and technique, stole the internet when it went viral. It went viral making it impossible for him to escape the limelight. Moreover, Reggie Miller, an NBA star, praised Shawn’s skills and wished him luck.

Marlon’s take on his son- Shawn Howell Wayan

Marlon believes his son is an incredible basketball player and loves how his son has followed a part of him and found meaning in it. Somewhat like when parents see their reflections in their children. Other than that, Marlon is a very proud father who loves to show off his kids and their achievements. He often posts pictures of Shawn’s basketball moments or effuses on his thoughts and fascination harnessed by his son. Additionally, he perceives his son as someone with a great personality who is caring and good at leadership. Marlon also mentioned Shawn is a very venturesome person who is also very keen on personal fashion.

Shawn Howell Wayan is a celebrity kid who was born to live a lavish life. Yet, he chose to count his blessings and follow his passion. As Marlon described, Shawn reverberates immensely impressive traits that make him impossible not to adore. He has so much yet to unravel with such an optimistic character which he can’t wait to see.

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