Chloe Net Worth Is $3 Million

Chloe Net Worth Is $3 Million

Chloe is a famous social media star with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Chloe was born in Los Angeles, CA, on December 5th 1996, to Lisa Chrisley and John Chrisley, who are both businessmen. Chloe’s career started at the age of 16 when she posted videos on YouTube with her sister Savannah that showcased makeup tutorials or talked about life in general. In 2017, Chloe had amassed over 2 million Instagram followers and was continuing to grow!  


Profession : Social media star
Country: Los Angeles, CA
Birthday date: 5th 1996
Age: 25


What makes her successful?

When I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few hours ago, there were three posts from Chloe.    She has more than one million followers on the social media platform, and her content always seems to get many likes and comments. For instance, she posted a picture of herself with some origami cranes in front of her with the caption, “I just want to share this moment.” It got over 13k likes and nearly 600 comments within an hour after it was posted. Chloe is doing something right when it comes to being popular on Instagram – however, what are those things exactly? That’s up for interpretation; maybe people like how she portrays herself as someone who wants to be in the moment or how she interacts with her followers.


Early life

Chloe’s childhood was a new experience for her. She had been homeschooled and privately tutored until she first moved to Los Angeles to live with her mother, Pamela Anderson. Her father is Tommy Lee, former drummer of Mötley Crüe who has also appeared on reality TV series such as ‘The Surreal Life. Chloe lived at the Hollywood Hills home that Pamela shares with her second husband Rick Salomon before moving into an apartment nearby to attend school full-time.

She attended Santa Monica High School for two years. She took part in various activities, including being a volleyball team member, but then returned to living with her mother again when she was 15. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York City, where she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for a year before dropping out and moving back in with her mother full-time.


 Fame and Work

Chloe is a social media star who has over a million followers on her Instagram account. Her fame has been growing for the past few years, and she now seems to be getting paid by companies for sponsored posts and in other ways.

She’s got many fans, but some people think that Chloe doesn’t deserve all this attention just because of how attractive she may or may not be, as well as the fact that it might make life harder for those with less stunning looks – however, they also acknowledge that without beauty-based careers like hers we would never have had models such as Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss! Despite these questions, though, Chloe does seem to be making good use of her fame, and he is well deserved.

Her hard work has paid off, too: in addition to being one of Instagram’s most-followed accounts at over 1m followers, she has also been able to meet some pretty famous people like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber – who even admitted that he was a fan of hers!

The 24-year old isn’t just sitting around taking selfies, though: Chloe is an entrepreneur with her clothing line as well as being involved in other social media projects.


 Personal life

Her life seems like it’s spent chiefly travelling, taking photos for her blog, posting about her style, food reviews- but there are some things that you might not know! Go ahead and read this article to find out what Chloe doesn’t talk about in public very often.

In 2014 Chloe had surgery because she was diagnosed with sleep apnea which caused fatigue during the day *when she was blogging*. To combat the symptoms, she now sleeps with an oral appliance called CPAP treatment (continuous positive airway pressure) *which is a machine that helps her breath better at night*.

She has also battled depression which she’s talked about with the public through both Instagram and YouTube *during her time as an Influencer*, but what you may not know is how Chloe got help. She started seeing a therapist in 2013 and was prescribed Lexapro, which treats anxiety disorders, major depressive disorder (MDD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It can take up to five weeks for Lexapro to work, so people mustn’t stop taking their medication when they start feeling better because the symptoms will come back worse than ever!

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