Diana King Net Worth

Diana King Net Worth

Diana King is a very talented singer. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which she’s accumulated from her successful years as a recording artist and performer. Her albums have sold over 100 million copies worldwide, with more than 30 gold records to her name.

The life and career of singer Diana King:

Diana King was born on November 27, 1955, in Kingston, Jamaica. Her mother is a pianist, and her father is an artist. She has four sisters who are also musicians. From the age of five years old, she had regular piano lessons with her mother and started singing at school concerts when she was six years old. At 11 years old, she won a talent contest that earned her $500, which helped to pay for more music lessons with legendary Jamaican musician Joe Higgs.


Profession : Singer

Date of Birth : November 27, 1955 

Country : Kingston, Jamaica

At 15 years old, she won a lottery of sorts, as the grand prize was an audition with producer Coxsone Dodd. The audition went well, and Diana King became one of his first female artists. In 1972, her debut album for Studio One Records entitled “Diana” was released. It’s estimated that this album sold about 50,000 copies worldwide, which earned her $500 per copy, meaning she made over $25 million before taxes!

In 1975 at the age of 20, Diana King moved to England to stay for six months along with her husband and manager Tony Wilson (who is also Jamaican). This move helped expand her career internationally; however, disagreements between them caused their marriage to end soon after arriving in England.

In 1978, Diana released her second album entitled “Passion”, which did not do as well on the charts, and it took a few years for things to pick up again.  The 1980s saw her popularity increase with songs such as “You’re My One And Only”, “Shy Guy” (which was one of the first R&B videos played on MTV), and another hit called “Love’s Holding On”.

It is worth noting that there are two other artists by the same name: an American jazz singer from Philadelphia born in 1939 who recorded four albums; the other being a Dutch rock producer/bass player born in 1950 who has had three charting singles since 1983.

How did Diana King get famous?

Diana King is best known for her 1971 disco song “Shame” and the 1979 hit single, “Lovin’ Things”. She was nominated twice for a Grammy. In 1976 she received an award from BMI as one of America’s most-performed composers and lyricists.

In 1968 at just 14 years old, Diana King auditioned to be in The Shirelles after losing their lead vocalist. After turning down offers by George Martin (producer), Berry Gordy Jr., Otis Redding III, James Brown, Motown Records executive Mickey Stevenson signed her with his label Goldwax Records three days later. At age 15, she released two singles on the label:

How did Diana King earn so much money?

Diana King has earned money through various avenues. She is a successful businesswoman, actress and author of three bestselling books on relationships. Diana also owns her radio show where she talks weekly to celebrities about their lives and love stories. Apart from these sources of income, she was cast in the ABC sitcom “Black-Ish” and other TV series such as “Grey’s Anatomy.”

‘A Love Like Ours’ and ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight.’

In 1971, King released her first album on the label titled “Diana”. The album’s title cut became a gold record. In 1972, she signed with Motown Records as a writer-producer for other artists. She had five singles charts in 1973: four under different aliases (two of which were solo) and one for Patti LaBelle & Bluebells group called ‘Lovin’ Things’.

She released albums in the 1970s and 1980s until 1989, when she made her final recording available commercially. Her 1985 song “Lovely Day” was sampled by rappers Nas and Lil Wayne on their collaborative 2004 hit ‘Hate Me.

It’s hard to believe that Diana King was once one of the most popular female R&B singers in Jamaica. As a child, she sang for hours on end and even had her very own radio show at age 11. After years of touring with various artists like Gregory Isaacs and Peter Tosh, it all came crashing down when she got pregnant as a teenager. She never picked up music again until 2005 when Jamaican reggae legend Daddy U Roy convinced her otherwise.

Quick facts about Diana King :

– Diana King was a member of The Supremes

s the most successful female vocal group in history, with hits like “Stop! In the Name of Love,” `” You Can’t Hurry Love,” and “The Happening.” 

– She only sang lead on one song for The Supremes: “Floy Joy (Mister Too Much)” from 1964. 

– After she left The Supremes, King found work as an actress and singer performing at casinos until she died in 2012. Five days after her funeral service was held, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Broadway was performed and renamed its theatre to honour her. 

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