Easy Tips For Large File Sharing

Easy Tips For Large File Sharing

In the world of cloud sharing, we all share loads of files and documents for various purposes. Be it professional or personal purposes, file sharing has become a regular activity of our daily life. But we often have to face notifications like- ‘File exceeds size limit’ when sharing media. That’s pretty frustrating. 


Thanks to some file-sharing platforms that provide us with many useful features that allow us to share files without maxing out our data limits. In today’s article, we’ll talk about some very easy to follow tips everyone should know to have a good file sharing experience. 


File Compression

File compression is beneficial if you want to send multiple files at once. File compression is flexible because you can control the channel through which you send your files. 


Most of the compressed files support lossless data compression so there’s no compromise with the quality of the files.


When should you not use file compression

Although file compression is a great way to share files, it doesn’t offer the facility for collaboration, updating project progress or applying DRM rules and restrictions. To put it simply, file compression is usable for one-off users but if you want other features, then file compression is not the solution.


Opt for specialist file-sharing services

If you want to ensure business efficiency and the best service quality, opt for professional services. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to send large files to your business or external partners, this option is the best. While choosing a file-sharing service, look for the following offers:


  • There should be no restrictions regardless of the number of files you share or the size of the files you share. 


  • The service should offer the ability to send files fast and with accuracy.


  • Full security assurance of the files.


  • Collaboration and sharing files both internally and externally should be supported.


Use Bynder DAM platform to share large files


Bynder is a great tool which you can consider using if you want to share large files. It’s totally secure and gives you control over the access.


If you use Bynder, you won’t have to download files before you share them. You can simply group the large files that you want to send together and tag the email address you want to send them to. You can also decide whether you want the content to be downloadable for the recipients or just viewable!


There’s no real limit on the size of files when you use Bynder. The only limits set are technical limitations that are mainly imposed by web browsers.


Use an FTP service

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was specifically designed to send large files. It’s a trusted and kinda old way of sharing big files. Although it’s not much of a secure method, it has some features that would interest you.


These features include- 

  • No file size limit
  • The feature of scheduling transfers
  • The ability to queue transfer and transfer multiple files simultaneously. 


Although FTP is easy to use, it requires some technical skills to set it up. And if you got no internet, you won’t be able to send files either.


We hope you find the tips we mentioned above for sharing large files useful. You get to save time, streamline workflow, and improve collaboration by improving your file-sharing method. If you think you can benefit more from efficient workflows, better security, and hassle-free file sharing, then do follow these tips. We hope they work for you! 


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