Joel Michael Singer: age, family & scandal

Joel Michael Singer: age, family & scandal

Money can buy everything. Some people just take it way too seriously. Some people who are rich, think they can mistreat whoever they want. 

Joe Michael Singer is one of them. Because he is wealthy, he forgot the basic human rights everyone has. Today we’ll learn more about this person in this article. 

Who is Joel Michael Singer?

Joel Michael is an Ame6man born in 1989. He’s known for a video of him that got viral. In that video, he was seen to be in a fight. And because he is rich, he’s now trying to remove all those videos from all the platforms. 

What happened to Joel Michael Singer?

The incident took place in a hotel named YOLO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. In the video, he was seen arguing with two workers. It is said that a worker complained that Joel had punched him. Later Joel was seen to be walking away but then he went back and headbutted one of the workers. And after doing that, when he was walking away, one of the customers there held Joel into a headlock. That man’s name is Steven Heflin. He said to Joel- ” You’re so f***ing done”. In the end, the police come and take Joel away.  In most cases, people like Joel are banned from the establishment. But we don’t know when he might reappear again. 

Who Is Joel Michael’s Father? 

No proper information about Joel’s family is known yet. There is no proper information about his family but according to different sources, Joel is a graduate of the University of Florida. Sources are also saying that he has a master’s in Business Administration.

Joel Michael Singer Age, Height, weight and other Facts 

Joel is 32 years old as of 2021. He’s American by nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Aries. His religion is Christianity. 

Joel is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and his weight is 57 kg approximately. His hair and eye color is dark brown. 

Nothing about his dating life is known yet. We don’t know if he’s married or not either. 

Joel Michael Net Worth

As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be at least $800,000 (USD). 

Interesting Facts About Joel Michael Singer

  1. Joel was held down by a man after headbutting the other worker.                                
  2. He became famous amongst mass people for that viral video he was caught on. Currently, he’s trying to pull some strings to remove them all. 
  3. Joel tries to escape and start a conversation with the man who held him in a headlock for 15 minutes until the police arrived.
  4. The viral video ended with police taking Joel away. 
  5. Joel Michael is not active on social media. 
  6. After the incident, Joel tried to change his identity as a neurosurgeon. 
  7. Joel Michael became successful in removing his viral video using DMCA and now if you search his name, you can only find a twitter account that describes him as a good neurosurgeon. 
  8. There is a twitter account with the username @JoelMichaelSing and it was created in 2021. If you try to scroll over the account, you can only find about Joel being a neurosurgeon. 
  9. Even after Joel tried his best to remove his viral videos from the internet, in May 2020, that video reappeared on YouTube. Also on the same day, the video was published on a website named “
  10. The website also claimed that Joel worked in a financial company named “Coastal Wealth Financial Planners”. It’s a financial company based in Florida. 
  11. Upon research, Joel’s profile couldn’t be found on the company website. 


Who was the man who held Joel in a headlock?

The man who held Joel Michael on a headlock is named Steven Heflin. He’s just a common citizen of Florida. We got to know that he used to be a wrestler during his school days and also has some prizes from the events he had taken part in. 

Heflin said he just tried to defend himself because Joel attacked him. And it was needed to be done as most of the customers there were females. Now Steven Heflin has become an internet celebrity. Everyone is admiring him for doing what he did. Heflin stated that he had no other interaction with Joel Michael after that day. 

Joel Michael Singer is one of those men who thinks money is everything. But wealth doesn’t give one the right to raise hands upon someone else. Even after Joel tried to change his identity, we can’t forget what he did. We should raise our voice against this type of people so we can make our environment free of toxic people like Joel Michael. 

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