John Pee Kee Net Worth

John Pee Kee Net Worth

John Pee Kee is a businessman of great fortune and owner of Jeepee Enterprises. The estimated net worth is $150 million. Born in 1949 to Nigerian parents living in Ghana. Business savvy used for business ventures and investments

Jeep Enterprises: Owned by John Pee Kee with an estimated value at $200 million – business venture (business term)

– investment company (business term)

– business opportunity (business term)

– successful business ventures (list some examples of what he has invested his money into). Examples include various restaurants such as Gourmet Pizza, Taco Beallsville, and USHOP Sandwich Shops located throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.


Profession : Businessman
Country: Ghana
Birthday date: 1949 
Age: 72

Facts about John Pee Kee 


Businessman John Pee Kee is the founder of “Pee Kee’s business” founded in 2004. He has built a business specializing in office furniture. More importantly, he has made it successful because his business philosophy is based on honesty and integrity. His business values are:

– Honesty

– Integrity

– Responsibility

– Communication (verbal)

His success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to these fundamental principles. If you’re looking for someone who will give your business what it needs without breaking any promises, then hire him!

*John Pee Kee is the business owner of Office Supply USA, specializing in office furniture.

*He has built his business on honesty, integrity, responsibility and communication with customers about their needs.

*His business philosophy revolves around these four fundamental values: honesty, integrity, responsibility and communication (verbal).


What makes him successful?


John is a business owner and CEO of his own company, John Pee Kee Worldwide. He has worked hard to build this company from the ground up by providing two companies with services that were not readily available in their area. It was once said that “success came easy for him” out of high school when he started working at an oil business where he learned about business interactions and negotiation skills before working as a manager at another company. After those positions, John had more confidence than ever for what it takes to be successful and how you can achieve your goals by taking small steps each day toward them.


After spending years developing these skillsets through self-education, trial-and-error or both, he started John Pee Kee Worldwide and has had great success.

John’s business is the first African American-owned business that offers various services, including auto repair, oil changes, brake service, and other vehicle services for vehicles of all types.


He also works with property management to help find homes or residential properties in desired areas for people who need assistance finding a place to live. Sometimes tenants have trouble maintaining their rentals due to illness or financial strain, which can lead them into eviction proceedings if they cannot get caught up on rent payments fast enough without being charged late fees continuously. If this happens, then it may be time for someone new to manage the rental home so that renters will receive quality care for their property.


John Pee Kee Worldwide is a business that can help with those and other needs, whether it’s to find you the perfect home or make sure your car stays in good shape for years to come!

If you’re looking for quality artistry at an affordable price, John Pee Kee has helped many people successfully achieve these goals since opening his business over 30 years ago.


How did John Pee Kee earn so much money?  


John Pee Kee was able to generate so much income because he had business. He invested in a company called “The John-Pee-Kee Corporation” and then sold it after some time for profit.

A business is an organization or company that produces or provides goods and services, typically to generate profits.


However, not all businesses are profitable – being profitable means achieving significant gains from trading operations over a while (usually 12 months). It can be not easy to judge if your business will turn out to be profitable.

But luckily, you don’t need to know any of this! You have to make sure that the business has enough money coming in every day and month, and then it will turn out to be profitable.


The John-Pee-Kee Corporation was a company established by John Pee Kee in the 1960s and sold for profit at some point after this date. The corporation had been making significant gains from trading operations over time which helped contribute to his wealth. A business is an organization or company that produces or provides goods and services intending to generate profits; however, not all businesses are profitable – you need a balance of money coming into your organization every day/month, so there’s enough cash flow.


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