Joseph Joe Lando’s Career And Unknown Facts

Joseph Joe Lando’s Career And Unknown Facts


Joe Lando, full name Joseph Joe Lando is a famous American actor. He was born on December 9, 1961, to Joe and Virginia Lando. He grew up in Prairie View, Illinois, USA. Joe Lando is best known for his role as ‘Byron Sully’ in the American western TV drama series ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’.  His other notable works include ‘Guiding Light’, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.’  Shadows of Desire,’ ‘Seeds of Doubt,’ ‘No Code of Conduct, and many more.

Early Life

Joe Lando is the youngest of the two siblings. He has an elder sister named Kathy Lando. Joe studied at the ‘Stevenson High School’ in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and graduated in 1980. He has always been interested in acting and wanted to develop a career in acting. So right after his graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an actor. 


After shifting to LA, he initially worked as a chef at a Hollywood restaurant. He also took acting classes at the beginning. Then in 1986, he got his debut role as shore patrolman. The role was in the 1986-released blockbuster hit American science-fiction film ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’.  He played a minor role in the series ‘Nightingales’ (1989). He also appeared in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1990) and in the black comedy film ‘I Love You to Death’ (1990). Later in 1990, he got his breakthrough role in the soap opera ‘One Life to Live’. He played the role of heartthrob Jake Harrison on the TV show from 1990 to 1992. This role helped him get another popular role of his career as Byron Sully. He was cast as Byron Sully in the Western drama series ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’. The show was a long-running one that was broadcasted from 1993 to 1998. Joe appeared as the love interest of ‘Michaela Quinn,’ played by Jane Seymour, in 143 episodes of the series. He earned a spot on ‘People’s list of the ‘50 Most Beautiful People in the World’ in 1990. Joe reprised his role as Byron Sully in ‘California’ (1997), which was the spin-off series of ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. His role was also featured in the movies ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie’ (1999) and ‘Dr. Quinn: The Heart Within’ (2001). In 2014 he appeared in the short parody ‘Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman’. The last film also featured Joe Lando along with Jane Seymour and many other ‘Dr. Quinn’ cast members.

During the 90’s era, he appeared in numerous TV shows and Movies. The TV shows include ‘Guiding Light’ (1993) and ‘JAG’ (1998). The movies are ‘Shadows of Desire’ (1994) and ‘Alien Nation: The Enemy Within’ (1996), and the feature films ‘Seeds of Doubt’ (1996) and ‘No Code of Conduct’ (1998). Joe appeared as ‘Peter Scarbrow’ in the American–Canadian drama series ‘Higher Ground’ from January 14, 2000, to June 16, 2000. He was also the executive producer of the series.  He appeared in a bit role in a single episode of the American TV drama series ‘Summerland’ in 2004. Lando played roles in the TV films ‘Bloodsuckers’ (2005) and ‘Engaged to Kill’ (2006). His appearances in small roles include series ‘Wildfire’ (2005), ‘The Secret Circle’ (2012), and ‘Hit the Floor’ (2014). In 2015 he played the role of Steven Lannon in Earthfall. Later in 2016, he has been involved in various projects such as Casa Vita, Freshwater etc. He also wrote the 2016 short film ‘Spotlight 2. From then onwards, he has appeared in many shows and films like ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’, ‘The Untold Story’, ‘Hammurabi’, and many more. In 2021 Joe Lando played the role of Sam Moses in Paloma’s Flight. 

Personal Life

Joe Lando dated Alison LaPlaca, who is now a TV star, when he was in high school. Later he married Kirsten Barlow at the ‘Phoenician Resort’ in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 24, 1997. The firstborn of the couple, Jack Neville Lando, was born on June 3, 1998. Joe has two more sons and one daughter, Christian Antonio Lando (July 7, 2001), Kate Elizabeth Lando (April 3, 2003), and William Joseph Lando (July 20, 2007). 

Unknown Facts about Joe Lando: – 

  • Joe Lando is of Polish, Italian and Russian Descent.
  • His birth sign is Sagittarius.
  • He loves watching TV shows.
  • Among all the TV series he has worked in, his personal favorite is Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.
  • His Favorite colors are Red and Black.  
  • Lando’s favorite actor and actress is Shawn Toovey and Jane Seymour.
  • He has named London to be his ultimate favorite travel destination.   
  • He is said to have a net worth of $6 million approximately.       


Joe Lando is an individual who has succeeded in almost every aspect of life. From being an eminent actor to having a happy family, he has everything. His hard work and dedication have led him to where he is now and will also help him achieve more in the future. 

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