Kenneth Tropin Net Worth

Kenneth Tropin Net Worth

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Kenneth Tropin is a wealthy man and the founder of Tropin, Inc. He has an estimated net worth of $1 billion. This company offers pharmaceuticals for animals that veterinarians prescribe. It also manufactures veterinary medicines and animal vaccines that help make livestock more healthy and productive. He was born in Montreal, Canada, on May 30th, 1934, where he attended Boston University School of Law before graduating from Harvard College with his bachelor’s degree in 1954. He’s married to Diane Tropin, and they have three children. Kenneth Tropin has a philanthropic side as well – he donated over $100 million last year alone, with his efforts benefitting organizations such as Boston University School of Medicine and Harvard College. His company is also involved in the fight against international poverty by donating medications for animals in developing countries worldwide.


Profession : Founder of Tropin
Country: Canada
Birthday date: May 30th, 1934

His father’s occupation was as a jewellery maker, but he also did some work for other businesses at night, so they could make ends meet during the Great Depression. In 1938 Kenneth moved with his family to Miami Beach, where he attended public school until 1951, when he graduated valedictorian of Coral Gables High School. That same year (1951), he convinced his mother to move their family back north again because it seemed like there were more opportunities for a young entrepreneur in Montreal. After graduating from McGill University with a degree in commerce, he started Tropin and Co., selling fresh citrus fruit on the street to passersby.

In 1973 Kenneth married his wife Elizabeth, an immigrant from Russia (they met while they were both attending McGill). Together they had three daughters Karen, Nancy and Kathy and one son Keith. He died of leukaemia on January 11th 1991, at age 56 years old, leaving behind five children: four daughters and one son.


What Makes Kenneth Tropin Successful?

Kenneth knows how important it is to keep an open line between company leadership and staff members; you want your managers involved in day-to-day discussion initiatives. Kenneth also knows how to establish trustworthiness, which is difficult for salespeople to do if they don’t have this connection beforehand. When doing these visits, he will try not to schedule meetings back-to-back, so it looks like more time was spent talking instead of selling something.

Kenneth is passionate about golfing with his friends on the weekend and spending time with his wife and two kids–the youngest just started kindergarten. Outside of work, Kenneth has a keen interest in reading books written before 1900 because he finds their storytelling more vivid than those published today. If not working or catching up on old fashioned literature, you can find him hitting waves at one of Canada’s many beaches nearby when the surf is good.    

Kenneth also knows how important it is to keep an open line between company leadership and staff members; you want your managers involved in day-to-day discussion initiatives alongside some of the most talented scientists around today.

Tropin Group

Kenneth Tropin founder and president of the company since its inception in 1968. He is responsible for all aspects of the group’s business activities, including sales management, operations planning and control, human resources development; administration services to affiliate organizations such as AHF Canada Foundation, Tropin Education Foundation and Roots International Development Agency Ltd.; financial reporting coordination. The Kenneth C. Tropin National Quality Award was established by his friends and associates to recognize those who have made unique contributions that help improve quality of life or are making a difference in their communities through exceptional service leadership with integrity.



2009 – Distinguished Service Medal from Queen Elizabeth II – The Order of St. John

* 2009 – Tropin National Quality Award

* 2008- Kenneth C. Tropin Lifetime Achievement Award

* 2006 – The Order of Canada

* 2005 – William Lyon Mackenzie King award for community service

* 2002 – Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

* 2001- Queen’s University Chancellor’s Alumni Medallion


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