Melissa Ann Piavis Personal Life And More!

Melissa Ann Piavis Personal Life And More!

Melissa Ann Piavis: Then and Now

Fame is something that builds up gradually over the years or sometimes just overnight. Some people become famous for their career achievements or success or wealth, and some become famous due to their relationship with another ‘famous’ person. Similarly, Melissa Ann Piavis came into the limelight since she began dating her ex-husband. Melissa is the former wife of the well-known wrestler Paul Donald Wight II, also known by his ring name ‘Big Show’.

Educational Background

Melissa Ann Piavis attended Sprayberry High School in Georgia, her hometown. Her college and university details are not known to date. Therefore she qualifies as a graduate till now.

Melissa’s Family 

James Piavis is the father of Melissa Ann Piavis. Since Melissa prefers keeping her family life primarily private, not much information on her mother and siblings has been acquired. Other than that, her grandparents are Dr William Piavis and Winnie Piavis. Melissa also has a beautiful daughter named Cierra Wight.

Melissa’s daughter

Cierra Wight, the 21-year-old daughter of the Big Show, is currently studying at the University of West Florida. Like her mother, she is a very private person. Contrastingly like her father, she enjoys staying fit.

Quick Facts

  • Birthday: 30th May 1966
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Height: 1.68 m
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Body measurements: 33:25:32
  • Net Worth: 1.2 million dollars
  • Star Sign: Gemini

A look into an ordinary day of Melissa’s life 

Melissa Ann Piavis maintains a very systematic and time-oriented lifestyle. By looking at her everyday life, one will realize living a celebrity life is equally pushing as it is exciting. Firstly Melissa mostly starts off her day by waking up early in the morning. The next thing she does is work out at 9 am to maintain that celebrity physique and healthy life. Afterwards follows her work, which keeps her engaged from 11 am till 4 pm. During the evening, around 7:30 pm, Melissa mainly spends some time outdoors for recreational or social activities.

Melissa Ann Piavis is very punctual about her daily meal timings. She completes her breakfast around 10 am after her workouts on most days. Melissa enjoys her lunch and dinner at 2 pm and 10 pm, respectively.

Choices and Preferences of Melissa

Like everyone else, celebrities also have some habits which they wish they did not have. Melissa has both the practices of drinking and smoking. Coming to her hobbies, she enjoys indulging herself in photography as well as listening to good music. On her list of favourite sports, table tennis and wrestling stands out on the top. Melissa’s favourite city happens to be Moscow in Russia.

Quick Trivia

  • Melissa comes from Greek heritage
  • She was a famous personality in both British and American social media
  • Ann managed her secondary school wrestling team in 1982.
  • Melissa Ann became a trending celebrity topic during the late 90s while she was dating Paul Wight
  • Her ex-husband got married just five days after their divorce.
  • Her daughter’s social media partially hinted at Melisa’s re-engagement in the dating life after her divorce.

Marriage Life

Melissa Ann Piavis first met Paul Wight in 1955 and dated for many years before tying the knot. They got married on 14th February 1997. In the year 1998, the married couple was blessed with their beautiful daughter Ciera Wight. Nevertheless, the happy married life started weathering away after their second marriage anniversary. Since then, numerous unresolved fights and disagreements led to getting a divorce. Eventually, they split in 2000 and became officially divorced in 2002, bringing an end to a five-year-long marriage.

Post-Divorce Life

After the split, Melissa became a ghost to the world. There are no records of her current whereabouts. Nevertheless, she is most probably living a luxurious life of wealth. Her occupation serves her a pleasant income. Her previous celebrity life’s profits and the amount of money received on her separation settlement and spouse support have abundantly provided for her now merrier and lavish life. Melissa has not been reported to date anyone new and is living the life of a happy single divorcee.

On the other side, her ex-husband gained custody of their daughter Ciera Wight. He got married to Bess Katramados- model and wrestler on 11th February 2002 after dating for around one to two years. The birth of two daughters enlarged their family.

Melissa’s famous ex-husband

Paul Donald Wight II, also known as ‘Big Show‘, is a famous wrestler and an actor. He started his wrestling career in 1994 while making his first ring debut on 3rd December. In 1995 Paul sealed his very first contract deal with WCW.

After Big Show departed from the World Wrestling Federation in 1999, he signed a contract with the World Wrestling League (WWF). Later on, he held seven titles.

  • Two times WCW World Heavyweight titleholder
  • WWE reality Heavyweight Title holder twice
  • Two times WWF/WWE title holder

Furthermore, Paul Donald Wight II also became a world tag team champion 11 times. Among many achievements, he became the champion in Hardcore and Intercontinental United States championships. Big Show is marked as the 12th Grand Slam and 24th Triple Crown winner in WWE history.

Apart from these, Paul did not refrain from making his mark in the acting business. In 1996 he made his debut performance as Mr Portola in the sports drama Reggie’s Prayer. The following year he appeared as the character of Giant Santa in the movie Jingle All The Way.

Big Show has a net worth of 20 million dollars with an annual income of approximately 850 thousand dollars.

Melissa Ann Piavis was like any other ordinary person who rose to fame due to her relationship with the world-famous wrestler ‘Big Show’. Her fame changed and moulded her into the person she is now.

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