Peter Nelson Net Worth: Family and Biography

Peter Nelson Net Worth: Family and Biography

Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson is the former Vice President of HBO Sports. His role consisted of managing numerous operations within the network, developing new plans, and leading the programming team. Furthermore, he supervised the HBO boxing programs along with the pay-per-view matches. Under his Supervision, both HBO and the viewers received some of HBO Sports’s most significant works.


His departure from HBO was followed by the authorization of AT&T- major distributor of HBO Max, to cut down around six hundred people in the media circuit. In contrast, it was reported that the former Sports Official left on his terms. Peter Nelson used to work as a journalist, mainly a sportswriter, before he joined HBO Max as the programming director in August 2011. Later in 2015, he was promoted to Executive Vice President of HBO Sports, followed by the resignation of Ken Hershman. Peter Nelson had then taken on the crucial role of handling and managing the boxing legacy of HBO Sports. During his time at HBO, he supervised several significant projects. Some of which were ‘Real Sports’ with Andre the Giant and Bryant Gumbel, ‘The Shop Uninterrupted’- a talk show produced with LeBron James and Maverick Carter; ‘Hard Knocks’ and ‘Being Serena’- a documentary series based on international tennis icon, Serena Williams. He was also involved in generating strategies, directing various operations within the network, and supervising the HBO pay-per-view matches.

Nelson did a great job in continuing the prevailing boxing franchise of HBO Sports. However, he did receive some backlash for laying off live boxing broadcasts from the network in 2019. In appreciation of his work, he earned his name under the ’40 Under 40′ list in the Sports Business Journal in 2019.

  • Age: 40 years old
  • Born: 1981
  • Birthplace: Newton, Massachusetts
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Body Measurements: 44:34:38
  • Net Worth: $2.5 million
  • Salary: $272,298 

Education and Early Life

Peter Nelson was born in Massachusetts, USA. Initially, he graduated from a private high school in Massachusetts. During his undergraduate, he transferred from Oberlin College to Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude and a bachelor’s degree in Ancient Greek before pursuing a career in journalism. While studying at Harvard, Nelson took it upon himself to be a part of Harvard Lampoon, even making a few contributions on his way. Nelson has lived in different places- NYC, Santa Monica, CA, Florence, and Italy.

Relationship & Dating Life

Peter Nelson’s net worth has been dating Sofia Franklyn, the 28-year-old ‘Call Her Daddy’ co-host. They were first spotted together in April 2019 at the 6th Annual Village Fete- fundraiser organized for the Brooklyn art space Pioneer Works.

Quick Dating Trivia

Sofia never referred to her boyfriend with his real name on the podcast. She called him the ‘Suitman’ on the programme.

It was reported that Nelson was bagging the podcast hosts to other networks while they were still under contract with Barstool. He is often referred to as his ‘girlfriend’s manager’.

Is Peter Nelson Gay?

There has been no reports or statements to refer to Peter Nelson admitting to being gay. So far, given his dating situation, he is identified as straight.

Professional Career: Timeline

  • Before HBO: Worked at an art advisory firm in Beverly Hills, Harvard’s Villa I Tatti 
  • Before 2011: Working Journalist
  • 2011: Programming director of HBO Sports
  • 2013: Vice President of Programming at HBO Sports
  • 2015: Executive Vice President of HBO Sports
  • 2020: Decision to leave HBO Sports

While working as a journalist, Nelson did editorial works for Harper’s Magazine alongside working for the New York Times.


Nelson’s writing for HBO’s remarkable docu-series- 24/7 received the best feature writing in 2010 through the ‘The Boxing Writers Association of America.’

  • Nelson supervised the HBO series ‘Real Sports’ which received both Peabody and Emmy awards.
  • The series ‘Hard Knock’ and ’24/7′ won 16 and 18 Sports Emmys, respectively.
  • Peter Nelson got listed under the ’40 Under 40′ list by the Sports Business Journal.
  • Was part of the nine-time Peabody Award-winning documentary team ‘Andre the Giant.’
  • Won Sports Emmy under Outstanding Long Documentary for Momentum Generation in 2019

Nelson’s Perspective and Interests

Nelson has reportedly expressed his support towards the American Ballet Theatre and evoked his concern towards promoting more women’s stories. On another note, staying off social media is his guilty pleasure. Additionally, he is a member of the International Rescue Committee and Harlem Educational Activities Fund.

Peter Nelson has undoubtedly left behind some of HBO Sports’s best works while organizing and remodeling various groundbreaking shows and documentaries. His knowledge and awareness of the public and purpose resulted in significant new collaborations and productions.

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