Pro ana tips for beginners: Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Pro ana tips for beginners: Tips to Lose Weight Fast


In the modern world, people seem very aware of their health as we have to manage busy schedules every day. There are thousands of factors such as workloads, stress, anxiety, agony, and so on to ruin our mental and physical health. 

What is Pro-ana?

Pro Anorexia inspires the Pro-ana diet. It indicates an eating disorder for which people eat lesser to avoid hunger. This diet is earning popularity as it provides incredible tips and tricks. This diet intensifies weight loss and helps one’s body to remove the level of excess fat. However, you will eat less but will add the appropriate amount of nutrition to your body. 

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder that indicates abnormally low body weight. People having Anorexia Nervosa have an intense fear and a deformed perception of gaining weight. They give extreme effort to lose weight that significantly interferes with their lives. They intentionally restrict their food consumption to manage the emotional challenges. 


How to become Anorexic

It requires a lot of patience to follow the anorexic diet correctly, as it is not that easy. Here are a few strategies for you to maintain if you want to stick with your diet plan. 


  • Dedication

Following pro-ana tips, diet is not as much easy as it seems for beginners. You have to be highly dedicated to achieve your goal till the end. If you have the determination to follow the diet chart strictly, you will have a great outcome. You can also seek someone’s help to remind you about the diet and exercise. 

  • Track your progress

It is suggested to track a record of your intake and outwards flow of calories as it is adequate to achieve your targeted weight faster. For this, you can use fitness tracking apps or wearable devices to count calories accurately. 

  • Follow the rules

Keep small notes to remember the set of rules you need to follow throughout the diet plan. Ensure that you don’t miss out on any rules unless it is an emergency. Keep consistency in your diet otherwise;, it will be more difficult for you to follow it. 

Pro-ana Anorexia Tips to Lose Weight Fast


  • Create a timetable 

This is important to set rules for yourself. You will not have any trouble sticking with the timetable if you take notes of the rules every day. There are a few suggestions which you can follow: Do not eat anything under any circumstances; Don’t eat before 3:00, and eat after 6:00. You can also cut every bite into small pieces and chew them the required amount of time. You can also add your own rule according to your weight. 

  • Keep Track of your Calories

Build up a habit of keeping track of the number of calories you consume through the course of the day. You can also use an app or gear or any online tool to count your calories. Never take more calories than needed; otherwise, it will ruin your diet chart. 

  • Drink Water

Drinking water is one of the essential rules of the anorexic diet, as it will keep you hydrated throughout the day. It is also proven that drinking water before taking meals can fill your stomach quickly, leading you to intake fewer calories. But remember that you should drink little water after every few minutes instead of drinking a lot of water in a single run. 

  • Taking Care of Breakfast Routine

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of a day as you need full of energy to boost your blood sugar levels after waking up. Pro-ana diet plan requires strict calorie limits to make better eating decisions for the rest of the day. You can have enough high-protein breakfast with low-calorie but obviously with little food. Do not skip your breakfast because it will provide you energy to withstand the whole long day. 

  • Small Meals

If you follow the pro-ana diet, take various small meals rather than eat a big meal only once. For example, three 100 calorie small meals would be more effective than one 300 calorie meal. It will give your body an impression that your stomach is full despite eating less. 

  • Vitamins

As pro-ana is one kind of aggressive diet form, you should intake vitamins to compensate your body. Vitamins are essential to add to your diet chart as you are eating less than your body needs. But before taking any vitamin pills or laxatives, you must consult with a doctor. 

  • Avoid Butter and Oil

Oily foods can make you heavier as oily foods are consist of cholesterol and fat. That’s why avoid butter and oily foods as much as you can and consult with a doctor to understand the necessary amount you should consume. 

  • Sleep

Sound sleep is very much crucial as less sleep leads to tiredness and hunger. It also slows your metabolism rate for which will be challenging you to go through the day. So at least try to sleep 6 hours every day to rest your body and mind.

  • Set your goals

Set a realistic target weight to achieve after a certain period of days. However, don’t rush to the strict routine which you will not be able to follow. You can buy posters of your favorite attractive models to keep yourself motivated. 

  • Drink Coffee and Tea

Black coffee with no sugar is a common appetite suppressant. Try to drink black coffee without adding any sugar to it instead of drinking fruit juice. 

Quick Exercise Plan for All Diet Fanatics

People who want to lose weight can start a home-based workout program with or without equipment. For achieving the health benefits, an individual must set a manageable workout plan. 

Those who live in pleasant climates may have the opportunity to do their cardio workout outside. For strength training, they can also do bodyweight exercises. But this workout might not be practical for all as people can find the weights to be unmanageable on their own. 

Though fitness bands are alternatives for weights, it can be tough to figure out how much resistance an individual should use. 

Besides, walking, running, biking, or other outdoor activities can be substituted for expensive cardio workouts. It is recommended to do a cardio workout for a minimum of 150 minutes per week. However, you can split it into five thirty-minute sessions of other activities. 


According to anorexic people, anorexia is just a distinct way of life that does not cope with general nutrition standards. There are many popular pro-ana diet plans that you can follow to get the desired slim figure. You just have to keep a tight schedule of your diet at any cost.

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