Robert Plaster Net Worth

Robert Plaster Net Worth

Robert Plaster is a businessman who has self-made over $5 billion in his lifetime. He was born in 1949 and grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  He got into business very early on when he started buying and flipping homes at twelve. In the 1970s, he founded an IT consulting company that specialized in computer systems for hospitals. This company eventually went public and became one of the most successful healthcare tech companies ever to be traded on Wall Street.  In the 1990s, he sold his stake in that company and started another one called Meditech.  He had some success with this second venture until General Electric eventually purchased it for a whopping $900 million.


Profession : Businessman
Country: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Birthday date: 1949
Age: 72

Robert Plaster made his money through some very successful business ventures in the past, and now he spends most of his time developing new technologies that could change our future.  Some of these include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and self-driving cars. His holdings are primarily invested in software development companies which makes sense considering how well technology has progressed over the years.


Facts about

Robert Plaster is a businessman who started a company in 1993. He first founded his company, Robert Newsletter and later renamed it CRM Dynamics. Today, he serves as president of CRM Dynamics, which includes over 150 staff members based in Atlanta, GA. The company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies like Pfizer Inc., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Nike, Levi Strauss & Co., Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo & Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan).

This year marks their 18th anniversary in business – they’ve grown so much since then!

In an interview with Forbes magazine last month about what are some tips for individuals growing their businesses, Mr Plaster said, “Learn how to sell. The best salesperson that I ever met in my life is not a businessman. He’s an artist, and he has no idea what his product is worth or anything else about it. But he knows how to sell himself.”


What makes him successful? 

Robert Plaster is an American businessman who named himself with his long-term involvement in the natural gas exploration industry. Since its early stages, he had been involved in this field when he joined then independent Gulf Oil Company and helped it grow into one of the world’s largest oil companies. In 1970 Robert led Gulf to form joint ventures that would allow them access to vast volumes of natural gas from the Middle East.

This was considered controversial because many thought such moves might lead to US energy dependence on foreign countries like Saudi Arabia. But as history has shown, today, America produces more than half of its fossil fuels and imports less than 20% from other nations (compared with 50% just two decades ago). He also led Gulf to form joint ventures, which allowed them access to vast volumes of natural gas from the Middle East.

Robert Plaster retired in 1989, but he remained active as a businessman. He was still chairman emeritus at his company when Gulf merged with Chevron Corporation to create the world’s second-largest international energy company.

Robert Plaster was born in the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal country, but he soon found his way to Texas and began a career in natural gas exploration that would span decades. He gained invaluable experience working for Gulf Oil Company, where he led campaigns throughout Eastern Europe during the Cold War. Later on, he prompted Gulf Oil to create joint ventures that would allow them access to vast volumes of natural gas from the Middle East.


Fame and Work

Robert Plaster is a businessman, CEO and Chairman of the Board for CITGO Petroleum Corporation. He has held this position since 1990. The company was formerly known as Cities Service Company. They merged with Gulf Oil in 1984 to become an oil producer based out of Texas that focuses on exploration and refining.

– Robert Plaster attended Rice University, where he graduated with honours before joining Citgo’s financial division after graduation.

– In 1985, when Hernan Gomez ran for Mayor of Houston, Mr Plaster served as his campaign treasurer, which helped him win the election.

– After assuming leadership at Citgo, one of his first objectives was to improve safety around their plants by decreasing personal exposure through engineering controls such as enclosing tanks and using the latest technology to monitor potential leaks.

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