Scotty McKnight Net Worth

Scotty McKnight Net Worth

Scotty McKnight is a rapper and entrepreneur from the United States. Scotty McKnight was born on February 11, 1988, in Newport Beach, CA. He has a net worth of $5 million, which he earned by releasing his first album at 12 years old and collaborating with other famous hip hop artists such as Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Nas, and Lil Wayne. His signature song “I’m Blessed” helped him grow in success as featured on his third solo album.

Profession : Rapper and Entrepreneur
Country: Newport Beach
Birthday date: February 11, 1988
Age: 33


The rapper has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, and he’s released a total of seven albums. He also created his own record company: SMG Music Group (which stands for Scott McKnight). The rapper is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but now lives with his family in California.



Scott McKnight attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated with a degree in mass communications and media studies.

  • released his first album at 12 years old
  • collaborated with other famous hip hop artists such as Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Nas, and Lil Wayne
  • rapper for over 20 years (since 1996)
  • released a total of seven albums – “The Game Of Life” (1996), “Pimpology 101” (2000), “Pull Out All The Stops” ft. Snoop Dogg & T-pain (2004), Scott McKnight (2006), “I’m Blessed” ft. Nas and Lil Wayne (2007)


Facts about 

In addition to being a rapper, Scotty McKnight is an entrepreneur. He owns his record label and clothing line in Chicago called Black Ink Entertainment, and the rapper also runs his boutique hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans.

  • Scotty McKnight has been nominated for four Grammy awards so far, including Song of the Year twice as one half of Outkast with Andre 3000 respectively for “Hey Ya!” (2000) & “The Whole World” (2003). As well as Best Rap Performance by Duo or Group Twice For Love Below’s – “Love Hater” And Tha Carter III’s – “A Milli.” He was also awarded The 2009 Red Bull Music Academy Award In Berlin.
  • He attended Chicago’s prestigious high school, Northside College Prep.
  • He is rapper Big Boi’s cousin and has collaborated with him on numerous occasions, including the Outkast song “Prototype”, from which he received his first Grammy nomination.
  • McKnight was born in Atlanta, Georgia as a son to parents of Puerto Rican descent. His mother, Elaine McKnight, worked for Delta Air Lines while his father stayed at home to care for Scotty and his two brothers when they were young children.
  • Scotty McKnight attended Columbia College Chicago, where he majored in film production before leaving college early to focus all of his energy on music exclusively. He helped produce fellow rapper Kanye West’s debut album The College Dropout (2004) and produced or written for the rapper Common.


What makes him successful?

In the rapper and entrepreneur world, Scotty McKnight is an anomaly. He’s a rapper who can rap (a rarity), and he has his clothing line that doesn’t have to rely on rappers’ faces or collaborations with other brands. But what sets him apart most from competitors like Drake or Kendrick Lamar are two things: his talent for making catchy songs about not having enough money in your bank account and building businesses without corporate sponsorships;

  • how does he do it?
  • being himself
  • never complaining

Scotty McKnight started as just another rapper trying to make a name off of releasing mixtapes every week but quickly made waves by giving up everything else he was doing before this pursuit.

  • he didn’t have a job to rely on
  • he had no connections in the industry or any money coming from anywhere else, for that matter.
  • what made him different was his dedication and hard work ethic; it’s obvious when you watch McKnight perform live because of how much energy he has up there. He never seems tired or like anything is too difficult for him to do–which is why I want this article to be called “What makes Scotty McKnight successful?”


Personal life

I’ve been working on a rapper persona for myself. It’s not me, but it’s how I want people to see me when they hear my music. I’m trying to be this strong rapper who is independent and doesn’t need anybody else in his life.”

Scotty McKnight

This was the first time that Scotty talked about himself as an entrepreneur. “My goal with this project has always been to show other kids like me from broken homes that there’s more out there than what we grew up seeing,” he said.” In 2018, he announced plans to open a restaurant called ‘Uptown Diner’ in downtown McKinney, providing jobs for young adults without college degrees or military service.


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